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Increase CSR Impact Through Communication Program


Oleh: Faizal Abrudin & Ramlan Widiawan

Company is an integral part of a community. The existence of a company brings hope for significant improvement and development of the welfare of the region in which it operates. Nowadays, many companies have taken part in developing the surrounding area by answering the happening social issues with a variety of corporate responsibility programs or better kno..

Tingkatkan Dampak CSR Perusahaan Melalui Program Komunikasi


Oleh: Faizal Abrudin & Ramlan Widiawan

Perusahaan merupakan bagian yang tidak terpisahkan dari sebuah komunitas masyarakat. Keberadaan perusahaan memberikan satu harapan akan adanya peningkatan dan pengembangan yang signifikan terhadap kesejahteraan daerah di mana perusahaan tersebut beroperasi. Saat ini, banyak perusahaan yang telah mengambil bagian dalam mengembangkan daerah sekitarnya dengan m..

Trash Bank (Bank Sampah), Solution for Better Environment


By: Prithvi Wulan Qadri

Currently there are 6,500 tons of waste per day in Jakarta alone, and 80.000 tons in Indonesia (2011). Many Indonesians still feel that it's right to throw away plastic bags or even tooth brush to the street side, rivers and also our beautiful beaches. There's no incentive for them to stop this bad habit, and there's no incentive for others to pick them up and make the env..

One Day Without Shoes


By: Indira Abidin

Blake Mycoskie, a young entrepreneur, established his company, TOMS Shoes, based on the fact that millions of children still live without shoes. These children can’t properly attend school, prone to infection and missed many opportunities to grow and fulfill their potentials. TOMS Shoes give a pair of new shoes to a shoeless kid for every product sold, One For OneTM. In 2007 TOM..

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